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More Music!?
Oh, for god's sake. If you're good at something, NEVER TELL ANYONE.

Ebay, Bacon, Music, Shitty images and the shitheads who post them.
I've been meaning to post for a while about a few small things. They've finally stacked up enough for me to write a post about.

Firstly, over the past week or so I've been spending money over the net like mad. I've tracked down a handful of old-school Pokemons over eBay, plus a link cable for two old-school Gameboy Colours. I got a Gameboy for our anniversary! How epic is that? Plus a new friend pointed me in the direction of Steam, which is basically a client for buying, downloading and managing games. Now that games on CD are being phased out and permanent internet connection is on the way in, I feel I could do worse than start buying online. Unfortunately I've been doing a bit much lately. It's way too easy when you don't have the cash in your hand. Plus of course the entire Commander Keen saga for $5 is just too good to pass up.

Next, we have bacon. I can safely say the phobia has passed. Seriously, when 200g of honey-glazed bacon costs $4, but a kilo of the same stuff costs $5, what's a boy to do? I can't drag myself out of bed early enough to cook the stuff before work, but I've been frying every day after work since I started working again this term, and there's probably enough left to see out the week.

Music! I finally tracked down a copy of Gregorian Chapter VII, and it sounds just as good as always. Highlights (for me) include Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy The Silence', a new soloist with a mild German accent, 'A Whiter Shade of Pale', and the only rendition of 'Kashmir' I've ever heard that actually manages to sound more menacing than the original. Its been a long time since I saw any of their works in Sanity or JB, but god I hope they keep on going. Some of Linkin Park's work is just asking for it.

Finally, the gobshites at the Cheezburger network have finally managed to turn me off one of the only sites they had left that still entertained me. VeryDemotivational was great when it started out, but lately it has been sinking further and further into what I'm beginning to classify as 12-year-old-boy humour, even though realistically it's probably most-of-the-males-in-the-world humour. Their latest update? An undisguised rape joke which I think has put me off the site for good.

Cut for rant and possibly more information about me than you care to know. You've been warned.Collapse )

Fuck this. I'm going to play Pokemon. Much more fun to kidnap wild animals, raise them in captivity and use them to mug random people in the street.


You did something because it had always been done, and the explanation was "but we've always done it this way". A million dead people can't have been wrong, can they?

Terry Pratchett, 'The Fifth Elephant'

You know what's really funny? Feminism. I never realised how hilarious it is. Thank you so much for opening my eyes!

Perhaps it's time to 'update my friends list', as they say.

Games make me happy! Sometimes.
Final Fantasy 13 kicks arse in every direction!

Command and Conquer 4 definitely does not. After growing up with the Tiberian Saga, EA has effectively shat on my dreams. I didn't even care enough to plough through it just to see how the whole thing ends - I played it once for a few hours and then took it back.

For those who care.Collapse )

There was a silver lining, though - EB gave me not only a full refund but also twenty dollars extra, because in their own words 'I preordered it so I must have been really soul-crushed'. That's a win. That went towards five separate older games, including an RPG nugget BioWare knocked out a few years ago that I wasn't aware of, which I'm enjoying much more. Happy ending!

I feel much better now.

'You want to go back to playing for half a dozen people in some cellar somewhere after this?' said Buddy. 'Who's the most famous horn player there ever was, Glod?'
'Brother Charnel,' said the dwarf promptly. 'Everyone knows that. He stole the altar gold from the Temple of Offler and had it made into a horn and played magical music until the gods caught up with him and pulled his-'
'Right,' said Buddy, 'but if you went out there now and asked who the most famous horn player is, would they remember some felonious monk or would they shout for Glod Glodsson?'

Terry Pratchett, 'Soul Music'

Hump Day
Hur, hur, hur. Anyway...

I'm currently in the middle of another emotional swing regarding my job, thanks to two little bits of my day today. Firstly, I got a call from the Starlight Foundation, one of the corporations I'd forgotten I'd sent an application to. I wasn't expecting to hear from them.

Turns out they want me. At least, they want me to drop by and speak to them. I sent in my application for 'Full-Time or Casual' and they basically offered me both, obviously not at the same time. The lady I spoke to briefly was very friendly and supportive, despite my being caught off guard by a phone call in between classes, and offered me a rate of pay higher than what I'm currently getting as a teacher, plus more hours a week if I went full-time, and my job would essentially be planning and running activities in an environment where most of the work is already done for me, at least at first.

Wow, comma abuse.

The job would be pretty much what I was doing before as a Starlight volunteer for four years, except I'd be getting money for it this time around. Turns out all that volunteer work people do to bulk up their resumes, prospective employers actually do read it and take it into consideration. Who'd have thought it?

The second little bit was my discovery that yet another piece of musical equipment has been damaged. The music room is used for two main subjects, and someone from a class in the other subject broke one of the drums while I was gone. For those of you who haven't heard me bitching about this previously, it's basically a weekly occurrence.

This one was actually packed away. Some arsehole student got it out, broke it and put it back, somehow without their teacher noticing, or caring.

What gets me is how it was done. The drum in question was a Latin Shaker, which is basically a big metal tube sealed at both ends full of little metal spheres. Someone methodically took it apart and scattered the metal bits around their corner of the classroom. I found the beads just as I was leaving today, found the empty shaker about an hour or so beforehand with one of the seals broken. I wasn't even able to take the seal apart myself, so I've got no idea how a student did it. I'm not even sure that that's what happened, but what other conclusion am I supposed to come to with an empty shaker and a floor full of beads?

There's nobody left to whinge to except the principal, which I'll be doing next Wednesday when I meet him. I'm meeting him to discuss a deal that I hope we can make for my teaching at the school in 2011, and if we can't make it then I'll be walking away at the next possible opportunity. Now it appears that I may actually have a place to go, and a significant part of me is hoping that the principal and I can't come to any arrangement.

On a lighter note, Final Fantasy XIII crops up next Tuesday, at least if can be believed. I just found out that C&C4 is also right around the corner, due to show up a week or so following. Sweet!

I can't believe they called it 'Tiberium Twilight'. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt by assuming the name was settled a long time ago. Apparently it's the last one in the Tiberium series, so it looks like Joe Kucan might need to go and get a job now. Then again, maybe not.


Always remember that the crowd that applauds your coronation is the same crowd that will applaud your beheading. People like a show.
- Terry Pratchett, 'Going Postal'

Ye Shall Find
In the past two days I've sent off four separate applications to four separate companies for four separate jobs, only one of which is a music teacher at a school.

Usually I've not had to actively search for a job like this, I've kind of bounced from one place to another. University finishes, and the evil keyboard company sends me a letter asking me to work for them. I exit after one year of hell into the waiting embrace of my current school, which I would never have had the energy or drive to pursue if not for the assistance of my lady. In between and before all that, I've been unusually lucky. Whenever I've needed a casual job I've gone to the paper and picked the first music/kiddy sounding one I've seen, which hires me more often than not. This is the first time I've been searching as hard as I am, and I've got a feeling that I'm going to need to search for much, much longer.

I have enough savings put away to survive for approximately two years. That's without any form of income whatsoever. I'd prefer not to have to, since I would need to budget ridiculously, eliminate my spending habits, and of course completely drain my savings. But if I needed to, within two years, the odds are pretty good that I'd find some job or another. Maybe even one I don't hate.

Of course I've always got private clarinet/saxophone/music tuition to fall back on. Maybe I could even last three years if need be.

The lack of a place to go to is the only thing up to now that has stopped me walking away from my school. I have a sneaking suspicion that the school is banking on that. Perhaps at the end of this week we shall know.

Lav out.

The consensus seemed to be that if really large numbers of men were sent to storm the mountain, then enough might survive the rocks to take the citadel. This is essentially the basis of all military thinking.

Terry Pratchett, 'Eric'.

'Zoology, eh? That's a big word, isn't it?'
'No, actually it isn't,' said Tiffany. 'Patronising is a big word. Zoology is really quite short.'

Terry Pratchett, 'Wee Free Men'

What happens now?
I've decided to leave the school I'm working at. The school year started two weeks ago and I considered myself pretty much borderline; after a bad conclusion to last year I was ready to leave the instant anything went wrong this year. Its been two weeks of almost back-to-back good classes, but the events of the past two days have been enough to convince me that it's time for me to leave.

Merrily We Roll AlongCollapse )

So next week I speak to the EBA director at school to see if I can cut some kind of financial deal for the leave and sick days I've got stacked up. Then I speak to my immediate superior to see if this really is a misunderstanding, if I fully understand what's going on, and more importantly if he knows about this. Assuming nothing happens after that, I drop a letter in the Big Man's lap, and six weeks later I walk away. Maybe I'll spare a backwards glance to see what happens when whoever my replacement will be finds out that the students and parents will be expecting him/her to run six music ensembles without payment.

I've got two applications lined up - one for a part time teaching job and one for running music and craft activities for preschool kiddies. No certainties from either, but I don't care. I will walk away with nowhere else to go if I need to. I will not be used.

Unfortunately, I don't think a humourous quote would be appropriate in this post. Maybe I'll do two next time.

I can haz job?
Yesterday I was hit by an inspiration particle, and I typed 'music' into Seek's handy job-searching thing without adding the 'education' sub-heading.

Tomorrow when I go into work as a teacher, sometime during the day I'll also be sending an application to a group which is responsible for creating and mixing background music for functions, clubs, hold music for phone companies and more.

Based on the location of this group, I suspect it's the same group I showed interest in a few years ago, when there was no opening. If that's the case, there's also a chance it's run by my old Music Tech teacher from UWA.

It's weekend work, so I can do it at the same time as school which negates the annoying six-week notice period. Six weeks or so of 7 day work weeks, but I have renewed hope and I feel like I can navigate this.

I can't imagine a job like this would be anything less than highly contested, so wish me luck.

Lav out.

'I've always thought sex was really a rather tasteless way of ensuring the continuity of the species,' said the Chair of Indefinite Studies, as they reached the beach. 'I'm sure there could be something better. It's all very...old-fashioned, to my mind. And far too energetic.'
'Well, I'm generally in agreement, but what would you suggest instead?' said Ridcully.
'Bridge,' said the Chair of Indefinite Studies firmly.
'Really? Bridge?'
'You mean the game with cards?' said the Dean.
'I don't see why not. It can be extremely exciting, very sociable, and requires no special equipment.'
'But you do need
four people,' Ridcully pointed out.
'Ah, yes. I had not considered that. Yes, I can see that there could be problems. All right, then. How about...croquet? You can do that with two. Indeed, I've often enjoyed a quiet knock-about all by myself.'

- Terry Pratchett, 'The Last Continent'

School's back.
First day of school today (yesterday, technically). I got to spend the entire day almost sleeping my way through meeting after meeting after meeting. Lots of changes to the school and school structure, and another handful of very subtle inklings that music just isn't on their list of things to care about.

Ahh, bollocks.Collapse )

Time for jolly stuff. I'm sick of writing about, erm, unjolly stuff. Let's see...

Had a fantastic holiday! Went to Margaret River with the love of my life and spent a total of around 12 hours over the week sitting in a great big spa. Ate chocolate, cheese, deer, berries, and a miscellaneous pasta dish from a restaurant which must have been having an off night. Plus I got to go to Smith's Beach three times! I didn't even get too badly burnt.

Saw my folks and their new block of land. I'll never understand how they can afford places like that after taking care of me, but somehow they can! All I know is they've certainly earned it.

Rounded off the holidays with a lot of games for my mad laptop. I finally got around to playing Quake 4, which is fantastic. One of the few games I've played that's actually scary, and when I say scary I mean 'Oh my god, this is a really creepy story line and I'm nervous to be in the middle of it' scary, not '*GASP* what was that? Oh, it's over now' scary.

Final Fantasy XIII is coming! Around March some time I think. I saw some copies in an abstract gaming shop in the middle of Perth, and my brain almost fused before I realised they were in Japanese. I swear I almost didn't care.

Ahh, and today I spent $1100 on music software. Sibelius 6 kicks! Though not on 64-bit Vista, where it keeps forgetting that its already loaded the instrument sounds and DOESN'T NEED TO DO IT AGAIN. I also secured a copy of Reason, which is working its merry way over here from somewhere in America and should be here next week. Maybe I'll dig my old MIDI keyboard out of the storeroom, have fun with cables, work out how to interlace Sibelius and Reason, and then do some real composing.

I guess I should try to get some sleep, it being 12:40am on a work day.

"The city bleeds, Mr Lipwig, and you are the clot I need."
- Terry Pratchett, 'Making Money'.

On a lighter note...
Just found out that my laptop only just falls short of Qantas' official classification for 'Dangerous Goods'.


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